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Whenever you ask yourself the question "Should I buy it?" first think how much this item will ACTUALLY cost you. The actual cost of the item can be described not only with how much you pay upfront, but how much you pay per use of the item. 

Simply put, “cost per wear” is a method of breaking down the initial upfront cost of a garment to how many times you’re actually going to wear it. For example, if the price of a garment is $100 and you wear it a hundred times, the cost per wear is $1. Meanwhile, if you buy a garment for $100 but only wear it twice, you’re dealing with a cost per wear of $50. This gives a new perspective. 

The most common responses we get from our customers are "I wear it all the time", "I don't want to take it off", "I live in these clothes" etc. 

People usually purchase the merino wool base layer when temperatures drop. However, once somebody has introduced the wool to his or her wardrobe, it is more than likely they will put it to use all year round - as a base layer in winter and as the main layer in warmer seasons.  

You can think of merino wool as a staple in your wardrobe in the same way as bread is regarded as a staple in diet. 

It is a wise financial decision to buy clothes that you can wear every day, and think cost per wear.